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Silk still searching for their first win

Manchester has brought the CSL a fantastic soccer club. They get better every game and every season. Their fans are loyalist and the team culture draws even the youngest of CSL fanatics in.

What seems to be the problem?

The truth is, there really is no problem, it's a matter of time. In fact, Silk has gotten so good that should we warp back to their inaugural season, they may have actually have won the league with today's players. However, every year that they stepped up so has the CSL.

How good has the league actually gotten?

Players from all over the world have come to the CSL to showcase their skills. The league has attracted young talent who represent the USA National Team at under-21, Champions League veterans who have shared with pitch with Kylian Mbappe. And... not to mention the legend from Brazil , Kerlon, who was the top scorer at the U17 World Cup for Brazil in 2007, and enjoyed stints at Ajax and Inter Milan under Jose Mourinho. Kerlon is currently a player coach for Bridgeport Brazilian. Get your autographs while you still can!

Perhaps the best representation of how much the CSL means to the soccer world is in Newtown Pride FC. They have won the league five times back-to-back, are a US Open powerhouse, and not to forget the reigning 2019 National Amateur Champions. The Newtown Pride story will surly make for a great movie one day.

Well Silk.... we say, keep on playing. This could be your year!

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