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Erik Lorent on fire again!!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

19 year old phenom could not stop scoring in 2019-20. Erik recorded 8 goals in 8 matches along with CT's long time favorite striker Tavoy "Bull" Morgan of Newtown Pride.

It's become a game of catch me if you can with Lorent as most teams can't seem to come up with a game plan to stop the young CSL striker. You will see him on the pitch getting most of the attention and not just from fans but opposition alike. Lorent has speed, power, and incredible soccer IQ to attract opposing players and create tremendous space for the rest of the BUFC team. Defenders, be careful, if you blink... you may get a first class view of Lorent going 1 v 1 with your keeper.

10.89 100M Dash for Erik Lorent

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