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Connecticut Soccer League is the top League in Connecticut.
If you're interested in joining one of our clubs, contact the team representative listed below.

Waterbury City

Coach: Taulant Baci

Manager: Erion Baci

Telephone: 860-810-4568

Correspondent: Erion Baci
Telephone: 860-810-4568

Home Field: Waterbury Municipal Stadium 1200 Watertown Ave, Waterbury, CT 06708 (203) 755-4019

Glastonbury Celtic

Coach: Mike Sweeney

Manager: Mike Kraljevic

Telephone: 860-798-7171

Correspondent: Mike Sweeney bigwheeze@cox.net

Home Field: Irish American Home



FSA Inter

Coach: Jose Garcia

Manager: Robert DiTommaso


Correspondent: Robert DiTommaso robert.ditommaso@fdi-group.com

Home Field:
GFSA Arena, Farmington


Polonia Falcon FC

Coach: Greg Bajek..... Greg.bajek@yahoo.com

Manager: Andrew Gromadowski poloniafalcon@yahoo.com

Telephone: 860-305-8284

Correspondent: Andrew Gromadowski

Home Field: Falcon Field NB



Newtown Pride FC

Coach: Mike Svanda

Manager: Matt Svanda yaosvanda@yahoo.com

Telephone: 203-313-8483

Correspondent: Matt Svanda
Telephone: 203-948-1982

Home Field: Newtown HS


Hartford Ports ST

Coach: Carlos Fonseca

Manager: Brian Pereira bnp1713@gmail.com

Telephone: 860-830-8155

Correspondent: Heldor Guedes Telephone: 860-830-8155

Home Field: Martin Kellogg MS Newington



Manager Bijan Rezai
email: rezaibij110@gmail.com

coach Kobe Nielsen

Home Field -Kennedy Soccer Complex 103 Kennedy Road ,Manchester ,
Connecticut 06042